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    Hay TIm,
    Let’s get this ball rolling.

    For submitting photos I will assign a # and then enter into a Gallary. I suppose we should set up one or two for you. Your thoughts on how this should be organized????

    The first artfact is TB-1-US-KS
    This is a special one you found, so a GREAT beginning point for establishing protocols.

    I’ve attached 2 photos.

    We talked about submitting 3 identifiers with each artfact:
    TItle/identifier: TB-1-US-KS
    Caption: Kansas, Tim Bannanger
    Description:3″ long artfact with many finely sculpted micro faces and details including finely etched “X”s . This complex micro collage, along with the adjoining finely sharpened tool edge contain significant micro artist enhancements presenting an excellent example of artfact artistry and complexity.

    What do you think??

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