Carell’s Corner

I’ve named my web site New History of America, because I believe we can be a part of making history. By exploring and understanding the past, humanity can be guided into the future with eyes wide open, or alternatively as we seem to be proceeding today, with eyes closed.

My rock art explorations have revealed a disturbing conclusion; that we have been lied to about our history and what is accepted as fact is instead mythology. With insights gleaned from mentors, collaborators and other explorers, I penned Secrets of Ancient America, which describes what I’ve learned about American history before Columbus and how it was revealed to me.

During a 2018 excursion to Kansas I met fellow rock art reader Timothy Banninger, who opened my eyes to another incredible aspect of the New History – portable rock art. Together we are working to bring to light to this little understood and unrecognized foundation of archaeology heretofore ignored. See our new Rock Art / Artfacts pages for a look-see into a whole new world of art, archaeology and learning.

I continue regular rock art, archaeoastronomy and sacred site journeys related to the New History and welcome input, comments and collaborations.