Selected Articles by Carell (Carl Lehrburger)

New by: Carell, “Preliminary Analysis of Unicorn Cave Bone from Photographs”, July 22, 2021

Carell, “Lost Rock Art Found — Portable Rock Art – Changing Archaeology Forever?” Carell, Published in Ancient American Magazine, June 2019, see

Lehrburger, Carl (Carell) “Petroglyphic Features of Portable Rock Art”,  2020, Ancient Origins® Magazine, Dec 16, 2020 at


Lehrburger, Carl and Monahan, Scott, 2006, ‘Evidence of Old World Travelers in Colorado: The Sun Temple and Crack Cave’ in Ancient American, Issue 70, 11:2-17 download 11.5 MB, 7 pages, NEW

A video, Old News DVD, is an exciting documentary about archaeoastronomical finds in southeastern Colorado and the Oklahoma panhandle, available for purchase. “Old News” also introduces a Native American equinox site known as The Pathfinder .  To read about The Pathfinder site by researcher see ‘Ancient Colorado Rock Art Site Employs Light Animation to Mark Equinoxes: Astronomical Alignments Predate Anasazi Civilization’ and ‘Pathfinder Petroglyphs and Possible Associations with Native American Mythology’, published in Ancient American magazine.

Lehrburger, Carl April 2010 “Ancient Micro Art Discovery, California Heliolithic Petroglyph Animation Revealed on Equinox –Old World Origin Proposed” in Ancient American, Issue 87, 14:20-23. A video of the animation is at