Selected Articles by Carell (Carl Lehrburger)

New by: Carell, “Preliminary Analysis of Unicorn Cave Bone from Photographs”, July 22, 2021

Carell, “Lost Rock Art Found — Portable Rock Art – Changing Archaeology Forever?” Carell, Published in Ancient American Magazine, June 2019, see

Lehrburger, Carl (Carell) “Petroglyphic Features of Portable Rock Art”,  2020, Ancient Origins® Magazine, Dec 16, 2020 at


Lehrburger, Carl and Monahan, Scott, 2006, ‘Evidence of Old World Travelers in Colorado: The Sun Temple and Crack Cave’ in Ancient American, Issue 70, 11:2-17 Download Article Here – 11.5 MB, 7 pages, NEW

Lehrburger, Carl April 2010 “Ancient Micro Art Discovery, California Heliolithic Petroglyph Animation Revealed on Equinox –Old World Origin Proposed” in Ancient American, Issue 87, 14:20-23. A video of the animation is at